Viral Hit - Hobin's Team Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Viral Hit - Hobin's Team Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

As Viral Hit has now ended, I think it's time to find out how strong the members of Hobin's team are, and how they compare to each other.

Just to be clear, this is not just members of the Hobin Yoo Company. It will also include recurring fighters who are essential to the company's success. These characters play such an integral role that it would be unfair to leave them out. Think of fighters such as Wangguk Han and Yeonu Ji.

Another thing I should mention is that this list will not include members that do not fight, such as Snapper and Rumi. Also, despite absolutely carrying multiple of the key fights, this list will also not include Hansu Seong or Samdak. Although it is safe to say that these two significantly outrank anyone mentioned on this list.

Disclaimer - This post will contain potential spoilers and may contain depictions of violence that are upsetting for some readers.

9 - Gyeoul Han

Starting off the list we have Gyeol Han. She is a fiery young girl with a love for attention, money and violence. As the little sister of Wangguk Han, she has also learned boxing and does not hesitate to use her skills.

When we are first introduced to Gyeoul, she is the face of the "OnePunchTV" channel. A channel dedicated to creating fake gossip on popular influencers just so that they can 'call them out'. Although Hobin is the one to expose the channel, Gyeoul will eventually end up assisting them. Even being a key member in Viral Hit's side channel, Troubleshooter TV.

As for her fighting ability, it is rather underwhelming compared to the many powerhouses that we get to meet. Firstly, she stands at a rather short 5"4 and has a very frail frame. While she is able to take out most underlings, we see her struggle against even the weaker enemies later in the story. Secondly, while her boxing technique as an in-fighter is certainly formidable, she lacks power. Despite her nimbleness and speed, Gyeoul is shown to often rely on her brass-knuckles or the help of others.

However, we do see that she is rather skilled at reconnaissance and stealth missions. She was integral to gathering more information on Jinho's organisation.

8 - Gaeul

Gaeul is one of the first members to join the Hobin Yoo Company, operating as their editor. Similarly to Gyeoul, she has a very small frame and as such, lacks a lot of strength and power. However, as the daughter of Samdak and the first person to learn the techniques used by Hobin, she has great technical prowess.

Unlike Gyeoul, her fighting style is much more all-rounded. She is comfortable using grappling techniques in addition to dealing with strikes. We see her use an armbar and triangle choke against Gyeoul and she ultimately ends up victorious.

Training under Samdak gave Gaeul improved fight IQ, but she very rarely fights and does not have anywhere near the experience that the other characters do. Additionally, she states that she is not proficient with all of Samdak's techniques and only learned a few for self defence. We do not see enough of her in combat to know the full extent of her abilities. We also see her shy away against fighting bigger and more intimidating opponents. Due to her small size and lack of experience, she places at number 8.

7 - Eunu Kang

Eunu is the last member to officially join the company. When his father was killed by Jinho, he decided to work with Hobin to take him down. His fighting style replicates Hobin's, but to a significantly lesser degree. We see that he is capable of taking down relatively tough opponents. After a month of intense training, he is able to defeat his bully at school who is an amateur fighter. He is also shown defeating some of the lackies in the Trionfi Crew including Jinchan, a kickboxer.

Despite this, he is still incredibly weak compared to the other characters and has to give it his all to beat anyone. He is not even able to land a hit against some of the more important antagonists and usually ends up getting severely hurt.

6 - Mangi Hwang

It may be surprising to see him this far down on the list. Let me just say that Mangi is by no means weak, it's just that the others are so, so much stronger. If we ignore the timeskip that happens after Jinho's first defeat, Mangi may be higher. But we do not get to see much of him and when we do, he is unable to defeat any significant opponents.

Mangi's advantage comes from his abnormally large stature and physique. In terms of physical strength alone, he is pretty clearly the strongest. He can easily pick up people and throw them like they're nothing. He is even able to lift Baavgai, who has a very similar build to him.

Mangi is a champion Ssireum wrestler and is able to wipe out loads of underlings at the same time. Sadly, even though his grappling is at an extremely high level, we rarely see him able to defeat higher skilled enemies. Mangi does have some striking ability, but it lacks technique and relies on his weight advantage. Even with his striking, he still fails to defeat Baavgai. He is also pretty susceptible to strikes due to his wrestling background. Generally, he is pushed to the sidelines to take care of the hoards of lackies.

It is a little disappointing to see him fall behind the others but that does not mean he should be underestimated.

5 - Wangguk Han

While Wangguk is not officially a part of the company, he plays such a pivotal role and appears so frequently, he might as well be. Wangguk is first met as the cameraman for "OnePunchTV". He is overly protective of his little sister and will not hesitate to beat up anyone who gets too close to her.

The first time we see him properly fight any of the main characters is against Mangi. Wangguk is easily able to overcome Mangi's weight advantage and his punches make light work of him.

As the strongest fighter of the Chungui Boxing Team, his boxing skills are obviously far above anyone else. His skills are even shown to be on the same level, if not better, than the prodigy, Dongseok Oh. With his iconic out-boxing move, the counter, he can win most fights. He also has good fighting knowledge outside of boxing due to his experience in prison. For example, in his fight against Hobin, he is easily able to stifle Hobin's takedown, despite this being a common weakness for boxers.

His most important strength is his inhuman resilience. Even after nearly being knocked unconcious, he is still able to throw power shots. This is what earned him the nicknames 'Wangguk the Freak' and 'Tough Guy Wangguk'. The other members of the Chungui Boxing Team mentioned that for that very reason, they would rather fight Dongseok Oh over him.

4 - Yeonu Ji

Yeonu is a tall, but nerdy looking guy. As a truly kind-hearted and studious individual, no one would expect just how strong he is. It is revealed that he has a secret passion for Kyokushin Karate. A style of Karate that places a heavy emphasis on toughness and body conditioning.

When he finally gives up on Newtube and dedicates himself to training in the wilderness, his body reaches a new level durability. He can easily take punches and kicks to the body and can even tank blows from weapons. The only weakness that he displays at first is that his head is unconditioned since Kyokushin Karate does not allow strikes to the head. We see after the timeskip that this is no longer a weakness for him. Not only that, but his body becomes unbreakable and Yeonu is seemingly impervious to pain. More than that, he actually enjoys it.

In his fight against Jian, we see him take a straight punch to the face, which has zero effect on him. A screwdriver being stabbed through his arm does not make him waver at all. In nearly every fight he is involved in, he seems almost indestructible.

His offensive ability may not be as strong as some of the other characters, but his strikes are easily some of the most powerful in the series. He easily sends his opponents flying and breaks down some of the toughest enemies, such as Jian,

It was really difficult to decide if Yeonu should be placed higher than Wangguk. Honestly, they are so similar in strength, their positions are nearly interchangeable. The reason I put him higher is because unlike Wangguk, he can take a massive beating without being knocked back as much. I wish that we got to see him at his full potential but even so, he is easily one of the strongest.

3 - Munseong Kim

This should not really come as a surprise. As the rising star MMA fighter, he has been shown to be one of the strongest characters since the very early chapters, all the way to the end. We do not get to see him fight as much as the others, but when he does fight, he makes it clear who's better.

Even before his formal training he was a monster. With his tall stature and muscular physique, he could easily make money from beating up others. His unrelenting fighting style only became stronger under Logan Gracie's guidance.

We see that he can take on much bigger opponents, such as Mangi. Of course, he later is even victorious against Baavgai. However, it could be argued that Baavgai was weaker after his fight with Mangi and Munseong only won because of luck. Regardless of that, he was able to beat Hobin pre-timeskip with relative ease, even after Hobin had learned the secret techniques of Samdak.

Since he does not have much screentime, it can be tricky to pinpoint just how strong he is. However, he does face multiple key enemies and nearly always ends up victorious. In the cases where he does not win, it is usually due to an external interruption.

2 - Taehun Seong

Finally, everyone's favourite Taekwondo pro. Taehun is one of the first antagonists of Hobin, but ends up becoming incredibly protective of him. Taehun is arguably the best striker in the entire series, despite nearly exclusively using kicks. Considering that he was trained by his father, Hansu Seong, it makes sense that he would be so deadly. After the father and son fought, Hansu stated that he needed to start taking him seriously. That alone proves Taehun belongs this high up on the list.

So why is he so strong? Firstly, he has insane power. Most noticeably, his spinning back kick is one of the single most devastating strikes in the entire series.

Secondly, despite his tall frame, he is the most agile of the entire group. We can see in their fight against the New International Branch that he can bounce off of enemies This lets him knock out opponents without touching the ground.

Thirdly, he can throw his kicks from far out of the opponents normal range, especially when he uses his 1440° kick.

Lastly, he is surprisingly durable. I mean seriously. He gets cut, stabbed or shot in like, every single fight near the end of the series. Then he gets back to tearing the place up one chapter later.

The only real weakness is that he has nearly no grappling techniques and his boxing skills are much less effective than most of the other fighters. However, nimble movement stops opponents from ever grabbing him and his long range usually prevents him from getting punched.

1 - Hobin Yoo

Obviously Hobin was going to be at the top of the list. Unlike nearly every other character on this list, he lacks any serious weakness in his fighting style. This is because he has had to go out of his way to learn how to deal with so many different styles. To put it briefly, his fighting style is complete.

He clearly is not lacking in power. He is agile and flexible enough to pull off multiple of the Taekwondo technques that he learned from Taehun, albeit not to the same level. His footwork and headmovement allows him to evade strikes that could kill most people.

Even if we ignore all of these aspects, the key factors are his technical knowledge and his high fight IQ. With an overwhelming amount of experience fighting in the streets, he has a technique ready to deal with anything that comes his way, and the composure to apply it. He is able to analyse the strengths of each fighter and devise a tactic to take advantage of any weaknesses.

On top of his striking, he displays great grappling prowess. Not only is he able to submit an avid BJJ practitioner, but he could also counter some of the takedowns of Jinho.

Most importantly, amongst all of the fighters, he is one of the only ones to actually have techniques on how to deal against weapons. Being able to defeat people with knives and axes is one thing, but his victory against Jinho in the finale cements his place at the top of this list. Successfully defeating someone with a gun is something that we only see Samdak capable of pulling off. (I'm not counting when Jinho disarmed Eunu because Eunu could have easily won that 😠)

Thank you so much for reading! Check out this article if you want to see the top 5 techniques used by Hobin in Viral Hit!

Disclaimer: This post does not condone the use of martial arts as a way to harm others. Please use your skills responsibly 🐱