STAR: Strike It Rich Is Amazing And You Need To Read It

STAR: Strike It Rich Is Amazing And You Need To Read It

If you are a big fan of series like Kengan Ashura, then STAR: Strike It Rich is definitely a series that is worth reading. While the series has been out for less than a year, I can say that each chapter has been a treat and I have been loving how the story is progressing.

What is it about?

The story follows 27 year old, retired MMA and underground fighter, Tenma Nozomi. While rather skilled in combat, her fighting style is simply not appreciated in the female underground fighting scene. After being fired by her fight promoter, she has to find another way to make some cash.

With the help of her two friends, a dirty cop and the family boss of the weakest Yakuza group, she starts to brainstorm. ‘Losers’ as graciously put by our main character.

Inspired by the sight of two women battering each other in a street brawl, Tenma has an idea.

With all of their combined resources, the debut of Valkyria, their all-female underground fighting organization, takes place. Although the only fighters are nothing more than violent thugs wanting to scrap, the crowd absolutely loves it.

With the realisation that eventually people will get bored of watching fights that are really no better than any other street brawl, Tenma knows that something will have to change. They need to find some real fighters. They need to scout for some real talent. Fortunately, Iori knows just the right girl.

Hongou Hina, AKA, the deadliest schoolgirl in Japan. A girl so strong that even the highest level professionals are nothing but punching bags for her.

However... There is something a little bit off with this girl. Hina is actually the daughter of Takahashi Chogen, the founder of an ultra-radical religious cult. The reason for her insane power is due to being put through a brutal training regiment with a special forces unit within the cult. All of the members fought at a pro's level, at a minimum.

Alas, I do not want to spoil too much of the story 😽.

Is the fighting realistic?

Well… Kind of? As far as these types of Mangas go, I would say that there is much more realism involved here. Yes, some characters are simply inhuman. Hongou Hina, for example, a young teen girl weighing only 50 Kg is able to deliver strikes as strong as heavyweights at the speed of a light weight.

But I have been rather impressed. The fights are so much more than a matter of who can punch the hardest or take the biggest beating. It succeeds in demonstrating highly effective techniques that you frequently see in MMA matches or street fights.

Even the insane, superhuman schoolgirl still demonstrates incredible technical prowess. I would even go as far as saying there are parts that you could learn from and try to implement in your next sparring session!

Here is an example that really stood out to me:

In the very first Valkyria match, we get to see Hongou Hina counter a jab with an overhand hook. It may seem like you need to be lightning fast to pull this off. But most strikers will know just how much the jab is thrown. With that, one can start to anticipate their timing. I can personally tell you that hitting someone with this will most likely make them think just a little bit more when throwing their next jab 😼

We even get to see a wonderfully executed triangle choke.

Should you read it?

If you have read series like Kengan Ashura, you should already feel familiar with this style of narration. Although there is an underlying story, the focus will always be the fights. As previously mentioned, the series is still relatively new, only starting less than a year ago. With that being said, I have so far found the fights far more interesting than in other similar series. The fights tend to not drag on as long, but still stay action packed. Every move made feels so much more deliberate.

While reading or re-reading other series, there are always inevitably parts which simply feel overly drawn out or just outright dull. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single chapter. The characters they introduce feel perfect for this story and the way it teases upcoming fighters truly has me excited for the next chapter.

The first Nambu shirt reference in Strike It Rich. : r/ISSK_Manga

Each character feels unique, whether that be due to their fighting style, physique, attire or personality. Many of the designs feel unconventional, and I think that is what makes this series seem so fresh. It is pretty common to see a difference in fighting style, naturally that's what keeps a series interesting. But we already know that Sandro, the author, has a knack for making every character standout.

You can sense that even if one character completely dominates one fight, a different match up can completely flip things, even if they are on a similar skill level. Even the rules of the fights will vary and give certain fighters an advantage.

ST☆R: Strike it Rich / Characters - TV Tropes

The most painful part of reading this is that it leaves you wanting so much more. Wanting to see matchups that may never happen.

If you are not into the tournament style of storytelling, then this series probably is not for you, sadly. Practically every single fight shown is a 1v1.

Please do not be put off if it seems that the fights are complete steamrolls at the beginning. The first few fights mostly serve to show just how strong the main fighter is. That does not make them enjoyable though, in my opinion.

Another consideration is that the release date for chapters is slightly slower than other series, unfortunately. New chapters are released once every two weeks, but the wait is so worth it 😸.

Whilst this series is not as popular as other works by the author, I implore you to give it a real try and you won’t regret it.

Fun fact: this series actually takes place in the same universe as both Kengan Ashura and How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

You can even see the main cast here as a cameo!

You can read the series on Comikey here:

Although the first few chapters are free, you will need to buy keys or watch ads to see the later chapters. I would encourage this to support the artist!

If you want to read all of the chapters for free, look out for the hidden link on the chapter release posts on the r/StrikeItRich subreddit ;)

Thank you for reading very much for reading 😺

Disclaimer: This post does not condone the use of martial arts as a way to harm others. Please use your skills responsibly 🐱